Johnson Book Publishing serves pastors, leaders, public speakers, teachers, counselors, and quartets from around the world. Once you have taught your message, the work is done! Simply send us your audio taped messages or series of sermons and we will transform them into a bookstore quality book.

Here’s how easy it is to start:

  • Johnson Book Publishing will transcribe your audio taped sermon or series of messages.
  • Before transcription, JBP will furnish you with a firm bid to bring your project from vision to completion.
  • You keep all rights to your book.
  • If you are running low in books before your next engagement, we will ship your order to your next engagement.

JBP provides all services to producing your book

We offer transcription, writing, ghostwriting, editorial service, proofing, contemporary cover design, printing, ISBN number, copyright, marketing techniques & supplies, distribution, and much more…

We offer book on CD’s & e-books

Note: A special representative will be assigned to pastors. Additional services includes: web design, e-mail address, graphic designs, logos, and press release submission


We offer books in Spanish. Our Spanish authors and writers now have a publishing company to call home. Our Spanish Team of editors and ghostwriters are ready to turn your messages into a professional book. We will also transcribe your English language into Spanish and turn your Spanish book into an English written version.

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