This book is a beginner’s and mature writers best friend. The CEO, Robert E. Johnson took his time to write and create a simple 1-2-3 easy step guide to meet your needs. If you have any questions about writing and publishing your book, this tell all book gives you the truth. Things you will learn:

  • A Book Starts With an Idea
  • How to Release the Book in You; (Get your manuscript out of you onto paper)
  • ISBN, Copyrights, Marketing/Social Media, Marketing Kits & Tools, etc.
  • Your Book is a Business; You Are An Entrepreneur
  • Why Your Book Should Have a Business Plan & How to Create One

This book will educate, guide, equip, and encourage readers to write and publish professionally. In this book the author expounds on taking your income and credentials to new dimensions by writing and publishing. Publishing your book can create a tremendous amount of opportunities and it can go places you will never be able to go. A published book can launch you and your career into greater respect, and many will see you as an achiever.

RELEASE the BOOK in YOU is owned and published by JOHNSON BOOK PUBLISHING. All rights reserved. No part of this book shall be reproduced, stored in retrieval systems, or transmitted by any means without written permission from Johnson Book Publishing.

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