At Johnson Book Publishing there are two steps each writer must go through before your book is completed.


You will be assigned to a professional book consultant. Through consultation we will determine your publishing and marketing goals. Your consultant will answer all questions and concerns you may have before moving into the manuscript layout and publishing process.

Because of schemes, scams and overpricing, Johnson Publishing is built upon truth. We offer 100% satisfaction and guarantee our service.


This is where creativity meets the paper. Your consultant will be there for you throughout this process. During this process we will focus on your manuscript; without the manuscript there will never be a book. New writers attempt to write their first book but get hung up on completing their manuscript. With new innovative ideas and technology, we are here to push you and to be your accountability partner. You will enjoy creative writing and working to see your vision develop right before your eyes.

Professional Manuscript Evaluation

Send us your completed manuscript for a free evaluation!

A professional editor will review your manuscript and proof a selection of pages to demonstrate our services and let you know where you are in the book development process.

Afterward, you will receive a free review and a firm quote to create your bookstore-quality book. There is no charge or obligation to you for this free analysis.

We only proceed to the next step after your approval and acceptance of our agency.

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